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Get torrents here until further notice:
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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


Armored Core Book Pack

Armored Core - A New Order of 'Next'

Armored Core Designs - 4 & For Answer

Armored Core V - The Fact - Official Material Collection
I'm really happy to have some good AC books now, thanks goes to whoever scanned these. Be aware, this pack is over 700mb.


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff! I have the 4 & For Answer book myself.

akomei said...

Another great scan!

Have you considered making a FB page for Archive-Scans? Would be great to see updates there too since the notifications pop up in email and the feed. (Might also help for donations, who knows!)

Archive said...

Hmm, could be a good idea. Does FB allow posting/registering with an alias?

Vyse Legendaire said...

Great posts lately, I'll be seeing when possible :)

Anonymous said...

please upload again the torrent and magnet are dead please i need these books

Anonymous said...

wow I looking for those quite long time and here it is! thanks!

Archive said...

I fixed the torrent links.

Anonymous said...

Are you angel~?~?~? :-)

Anonymous said...

I love you (;))