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Zone of the Enders - Premium Package

This is a great pack (photo from previous post) released for the original ZoE back in 2001. It contains the first game, the Zone of the Enders - Idolo movie and soundtrack as well as a glorious B-size artbook covering both the animation and the game. The artbook is divided into two sides starting at both covers, I've kept the sides separated, the page order would have looked odd with reversed order for half the book otherwise.
This is the first ZoE artbook I've been able to added to my collection, very happy I was able to get it. Be aware that this pack is about 900mb.

Zone of the Enders - Premium Package


Anonymous said...

the previous scan was 700 MB, is the quality much better now that the current package is 200 MB larger?

Archive said...

The quality is a bit better, I didn't attempt to clean up the image noise from the grayscale parts of the artbook nearly as much this time (the Idolo part just kinda scanned like that). The scans of the HD Colletion packaging also added a bit.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, great scans !!