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Post-Chaos Status Update

After a long (but wonderful) 8 months things are finally back to normal. Being laid off, getting a new job, moving to a different city in another state (not more than 30 miles though) and finishing a massive project last week means that things are finally back to normal!

The current book queue is as follows:

The Art of Borderlands 2 (as well as some bonus stuff)
Zone of the Enders - HD Edition - The Complete Guide + Model Sheets
Awakening: The Art of Halo 4
Anything that Boinger sends me

I also have a number of other books that I may do, Pern, a couple Ghibli books and more. If it comes to that point I'll do another vote for the queue. I've also got a handful of found books that I've been saving that I'll start to post once in a while so things should pick up a bit.

Sorry again for the slow period.


Sajib OO said...

good to hear you're back on game

dika said...

Do you have evangelion anima visual art?

Luis Cotovio said...

Will you be making a file for the Yamato 2199 books, Earth and Garmillas?