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Happy 5th Birthday Archive Scans!

Another year full of life changing events. Moving, changing jobs and having another major lifestyle change made it more difficult to keep this place updated like I used to. Now though, with things more calmed down I should be getting back to updating every week-or-two like it used to be. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the site with donations, books or just leaving positive comments, people like you keep this place going.

I'm thinking of doing a drawing in November, same as the last one. Keep an eye out for updates.


Ant Sized Man said...

Hot damn 5 years of awesomeness!

Thank you for all the good stuff you've shared over the last half decade, can't quite beleive it.

Anonymous said...

Your blog has kept me inspired over the years and i'm super grateful for it! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th B'day Archive-Scans! You Rock! Thank you for all the hard work and time you put into this wonderful site.

Gran Libero said...

Thank you very much for these 5 years!!!

anddd.... 'The Art of The Wind Rises'? Please? :DD

TheDaywalker said...

congratulations.. keep the good woks!