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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


B-Club Special - Artemic Design Works

B-Club Special - Artemic Design Works


Anonymous said...


First, Thanks for your huge efforts to post beautiful artbooks.

Do you think, for those who doesn't use Torrent, it'll be possible, one day, to find them at MEGA?

Thanks for all.

Bests regards.

Archive said...

I've had really bad luck with filelocker-type sites in relation to my site. The books generate so much traffic I burned through a paid mediafire account's amount of bandwidth in just a few days.
With how the torrent seed is set up now I have all the hardware in-house and directly control everything save for the torrent file hosting.

Don't think I'm going back from this point.

Anonymous said...

No problem.

Thanks for explanations, now i understand

Well, good continuation, your site is great!!

Bests regards.

Pactagon said...

OHMYGOOODDDDD ARTMIC!!!!! I didn't think anyone would remember them! Thank you for this wonderful post!!!