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Schell Bullet

This is a set of two novels with art pages by Mamoru Nagano. I've only scanned the art pages and covers, if anyone wants the full text let me know. The novels are over 200 pages each (though there's only ~30 scanned pages from each) and they're easily the smallest Japanese books I own, something like 10x6cm.

Schell Bullet


Caenis said...

I Loved the mechas design , but the text is in japanese so dont will work for me anyway

Pactagon said...

I would love to have the full text because I've looked everywhere on the internet for Schell Bullet and found nothing. I'm also learning Japanese right now so this would be good material for me to practice with.

MexiCanOoO said...

I would also like the text if you could spare the time to send it.

Nicholai said...

i need the texttt