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Book Dump!

Final Fantasy Type-0 Offical Artbook Shu No Hishi

Mei and the Kittenbus Artbook- A Short Film by Hayao Miyazaki

Mobile Suit Gundam, The Origin - Guidebook 1

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Artbook

Persona 4 the Animation - BluRay Booklets

Phantasy Star 1, 2, 3 Futabasha Game Book

Star Driver Visual Materials Collection

The Art of Yoji Shinkawa - Booklet Collection

Magnet link

Edit - I've fixed the links in this post


Anonymous said...

Thanks, are you missing some scans for PErsona 4 or that's all?

Archive said...

That's all I've found so far.

Anonymous said...

The torrent and magnet links for MetalGearRising, Persona4, Phantasy Star Futabasha, and Star Driver Visual are not there, instead there are copies of other books

Anonymous said...

Lots of Votoms HQ scans watermark free!

Heavy files from chinese host, please make a torrent of them for us

-Votoms Perfect Estabilishement Data 2 HQ scan

-Votoms Odissey HQ scan

Pass to download: owc7

-Votoms Perfect Estabilishement Data 1 scan

-Armor Hunter Mellowlink LD Box booklet HQ scan!WNlwDKyB!f3nLCEUGY54MgiDtiNx45gwjHZsGYJ1BdHH1k0p_52s


Archive said...

Anon2- Thanks for the links, I'll have to collect those.

Anon1- Sorry about that, the links got messed up. The top links for each book are the magnet links and they're correct, the second links (which should be magnets but aren't) are wrong.

I'll correct those soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these!

Emerson Tung said...

Hey dude, for some of these even the magnet links are wrong. I tried downloading the Metal Gear Rising artbook but instead it gave the torrent file for Final Fantasy. I know a few others also download the Final Fantasy torrent instead of the other artbooks.

Archive said...

Links have been fixed