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Choco pack 8-16-2014

(WARNING- Ecchi content)
Infinite Emission - Chocolate Shop

COPIC NX Kit vol. 1 - CHOCO, Nadeara Bukichi, Nishi Eda, SH@RP, Takikawa Norihiro

COPIC NX Kit vol. 2 - CHOCO, Jingrock, Nadeara Bukichi, Nishi Eda, SH@RP, Sonote, Takikawa Norihiro


Anonymous said...

The torrent lists 3 files as 'slackware', are these the Choco Shop files?

Studio OZKai said...

I'm getting the same, here. Not really trusting it with a .iso extension.

Archive said...

Sorry about that, I've fixed the links.

Anonymous said...

the magnet link still has the slackware files