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Gundam Book Pack 1-23-2015

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - Mechanics and World - ep 7

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - Data Collection

Gundam Build Fighters - Gunpla Mechanics and Animation Art Work

Great Mechanics - DX 31

Great Mechanics - DX 30

Gundam Book Pack 1-23-2015


Studio OZKai said...

AWESOME! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Archive, you put the magnet link on torrent link and vice versa.

juanigas said...

while looking for the mobile suit illustrated drawing 2013 I found this book gundam 00 is the second season arbook if they served here is the link

español:mientras buscaba el mobile suit illustrated 2013 drawing me encontré con este libro de gundam 00 es el arbook de la segunda temporada por si les sirve aca esta el link!oNZWQSCI!alYCsMFq693dhAiDOaHo3g