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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


Gundam Pack - 1-10-2015

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - Prismatic Mobiles - Part 1

Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story - Missing Link - Archives

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 - Stardust Memory - Sunrise Art Works

Mobile Suit Gundam - Ship & Aerospace Plane Encyclopedia

Gundam Calendar 2010

Gundam Build Fighters - Official Guidebook - Gunpla Battle Full Package!

Great Mechanics - DX29

Cover Art Collection of Mobile Suit Gundam - The Origin - Illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

FormulaProject - Mobile Suit Gundam F90, Satsuki, Hiwa Kougyou

Gundam Pack - 1-10-2015


juanigas said...

hello thank you very much for the contribution wondering if I could get the book mobile suit illustrated 2013 please :D

hola muchas gracias por el aporte me preguntaba si podrĂ­an conseguir el libro mobile suit illustrated 2013 por favor :D

juanigas said...

PD mobile suit illustrated 2009 tambien me sirve XD

PD: mobile suit illustrated 2009 also serves me XD

Anonymous said...

Build Fighters Guidebook is incomplete.

Anonymous said...

Torrent and Megnet are dead