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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


Misc Book Pack - 05-19-2015

Fang of the Sun - Dougram the Comprehensive

Kaiju History Cover 1995-2012

Linebarrels Mechanics

Master File Armored Trooper - AMT-09-ST Scopedog

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Anima - Visual Book

Misc Book Pack - 05-19-2015


terebi-kun said...

Thanks a lot for these! Great stuff as usual.

Peter Choi said...

Thank you! If I was financially OK then I would make some donations!

Anonymous said...

Are you putting up the Master File Metal Armor Dragonar and Dengeki Super Robot Spirits scans?

Archive said...

I have a Super Robot Wars pack coming up, Master File Metal Armor Dragonar slipped by me (DL'ing now) and it'll go into queue as well.

sidagu said...

Thanks a lot , this is what i'm looking for

ginovanta said...

Do you have the first sentai monster history book too??Thank you very much for the second (even if i know i will not be able to resist buying it anyway XD)

Anonymous said...

Archive, what's the status on the rest (Dragonar and Super Robot Wars)?

Unknown said...

For those wanting the First Super Sentai Monster History book. Here's a link to my scans of the book.!AcBmSCSB!2n1LhsS7Nb07tUyNNmlX8w