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Macross Book Dump 7-4-2015

Macross 30th Anniversary NA Special Appendix - Document of Macross 1 through 6

Macross - My Fair Minmay

Macross The Beginning

Mikimoto Haruhiko - Michinokugashiuybu

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross - Magazine for Anime and Hobby Fan - Vol. 1 through 7

This is Animation - Super Dimentional Fortress Macross - Original Illustration - Mechanical

This batch was kindly provided by Phill C, all thanks to him!

Macross Book Dump 7-4-2015


Anonymous said...

Thanks for more Macross!

I'm curious, what's the status on the Dragonar and Super Robot Wars scans?

Namroy said...

Una recomendacion date una pasada por los aportes y dale seed, hay 2 usuarios conectados sedeando este aporte y no pasa de 20kb/s eso no es correcto...

Gabriel said...

hi! I'm trying to download some of the books of the macros bulk pack but there are no seeds some days, some others I pick 1... what can I do?