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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


Misc Book Pack - 07-21-2015

Dancouga Nova - Agressive Material Side A

Dancouga Nova - Agressive Material Side B

Entertainment Archives Series 4 - Layzner SPT

Gigantic Formula - Original Design Archives

Great Mechanics G - Summer 2015

Master File Metal Armor - Dragonar

Robot Soul - Natural Born Robot Master

R-TYPE Official Data Book - DRAGONFLY

Yanase Takayuki - Mechanical Design Works

Misc Book Pack - 07-21-2015


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

Is the Dengeki Suparobo scan next?

Jeeg said...

I downloaded all your scan during these years. Waiting patiantly for new releases.
I say "Thank you" several time. But I think it's time to say it again!
I love all these books. Expecially the ones not "gundam-evangelion-macross" related.

I hope one day you will find books on scale modelling robots (gunpla stuff for example).

Books like:
gundam scratch build manual 2
nomoken extra edition -Gundam model manual
gundam solid
patlabor 3d mook

All these books cannot be downloaded from internet yet. I hope you will find them one day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very very much for this :)

boinger said...

I like Macross!

DatLoon said...

Thank you very much for your gorgeous work!
Just wanted to show you one thing:
It's very popular in Japan and many great artists (including Masami Obari) bought it.
Maybe you'll be interested in it as in good material.

Thanks for reading!

S_Fang said...

Great, an R-Type's Artbook.

Will you add more Shoot'em Up artbooks/guides in the future? If so, I'd like:

-Espgaluda II
-Mushihimesama Futari Art Material Book
-Cave Shooting Artworks