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New hardware!

Hello all!

I'm working on moving the sites content to a new server again and things might be up-and-down till the end of the week. I've gotten a new battery for the RAID controller which seems to be working perfectly now and that array will be moved into the new chassis. I'm hoping this will be the last hardware change, especially since I've built and moved hardware so much in the last 2 years (This will be the 6th chassis, I think).

I also need to start scanning stuff again. I do apologize for the huge lag between new scans, work has been crazy since the start of this year. I still have a batch of books from Boinger to complete (sorry it's taken so long) and I'll begin on those next week.

Thank you for the support you've all given the site, especially to those who've donated (you helped get new hardware). It's really meant a lot to me.

I'll post again soon!


boinger said...

That's good news!
Thanks Archive Scans!

Aaa Aa said...

Don't forget about the MS 2015 Encyclopedia!


You are also missing the 5 MSV-R books from here


Aaa Aa said...
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Aaa Aa said...

Also these ones:

Galient Complete


Gravion Artworks


Gundam 0083 with Phantom Bullets English translation mook


Edward Gargano said...

Here are my scans for the following books. the Super Sentai monster books are 300+ pages each.

Super Sentai Monster History Volume One


Super Sentai Monster History Volume Two. New link


Super Sentai Mecha Art Collection 1975-2002. New scan of book, not the old Thai-Toku scans.


Machine Robo Wedge. Not an art book but there are some cool design pages within. Large file.


In the same vein, Super Sentai Toy History 1975-2011


Thats all for now enjoy!

Nonymoose said...

I didn't see anything like a place to request certain books, so um...

Some time in the future, if you could:
25th Anniversary Phantasy Star Visual Chronicle
Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 1 & 2 Materials Collection

Anonymous said...

Take your time. You are doing a good job. Need any help, just call.