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Gothicmade World Guide - Mamoru Nagano

This book's pretty much the same kind of layout as the FSS Designs books, loaded with art, designs and, in this book's case, screens from the movie.

Gothicmade World Guide - Mamoru Nagano


Anonymous said...

Hei, man I have just discover this site and loooks WONDERFULL! But its a shame that all the material is out of the torrents, I cannot reach even 1 seed. Seems that all the files its not there anymore...any chance thta you can make a megapack of all this wonderfulls scans and put that in kickass or another site where we can find them? Are pure gold and is a shame that are all of them (whit the esception of the last 5 , maybe) of line. Thanks for the wonderfull work!

Anonymous said...


This website is amazing. Good job. And thank you for your hard work. I was wondering if you come across Kimitoshi Yamane Mecha Zukan art book or heard of it.