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Not dead! (Again!)

Hey there, everyone.

I'm not dead. The past few months have been a bit rough; holidays/family, then work turning into a tire fire. It's a bit better now and I'm hoping to resume scanning fairly soon.

See you later


Unknown said...

Honestly very relieved. I thought something bad happened to you. Hope your life gets better!

Unknown said...

Think you could find something of the PSO2 artbooks?

Archive said...

I've got the Episodes I & II book (it's huge, some 300+ pages) and I plan on getting the others at some point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot and hope things goes great in your life!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back!

Unknown said...

Hope your life gets on track! Glad to see you back againnn! Thanks for all the scans you've provided :)

Ran said...

Glad to see you're still around, you're a really great asset for the mecha/SF artbook community that is tight on disposable income ATM XD. Any plans though for the other Yamato 2199 artbooks or modeling books? Think the second Hyper Mechanics is out in May, but could be wrong there, plus 2202 news has me hype!

Anonymous said...

I was really thinking something bad have happened. Thank you for all the scans

Unknown said...

Please add also these:

Missing MSV-R 5 book:

**Your MSV-R 2 scan is incomplete, complete version here:

make a new batch with 5 and the complete 2.
Galient Complete!VgUQQSCZ!7KOP0hL-QArcMH0vxWfEjoSNwIn_2_rs2y4Xctro6tI

Gravion Artworks

Gundam 0083 with Phantom Bullets English translation mook

More books:

Other Dengeki Super Robot Spirits scan:

Another Dengeki Super Robot Spirits scan:

Part1: Download pass: WIV5
Part2: Download pass: BPE4

Extraction pass: ata4re8tad5f1a5d

Gundam Master Grade Book 2006

Anonymous said...

Glad the site isn't dead...
Hope everything will turn out great for you

Thank you for all your hard work.