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Gundam Pack - 4/18/2016

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 - With Pantom Bullets

Mobile Suit Gundam - MSV-R 1 to 5

Mobile Suit Archive - MSN-06S Sinanju

Gundam Pack - 4/18/2016


Studio OZKai said...

Neither links are working.

Archive said...

They seem fine to me, what error message are you getting?

boinger said...

I found that Vuze torrent software did not work and the standard Bittorrent 7.6.9 worked just fine.

Studio OZKai said...

It's working now, but I was getting a 404 within Torcache, prior. May have just been the timing.

klasnic said...

The volume 2 of MSV-R has got repeated images.

Anonymous said...

Back when I first discovered your website you used to link these files as DDL. now all you have are torrent links... do you not do direct anymore?

Angelizer said...

A million thanks for this.