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Misc Book Pack - 4-11-2016

XenobladeX The Secret File - Art of MIRA

Kanetake Ebikawa - Design Works

Infinite-Emission #02 - Chocolate Shop
(WARNING- Contains some nudity)

Misc Book Pack - 4-11-2016


Unknown said...


Missing MSV-R 5 book:

**Your MSV-R 2 scan is incomplete, complete version here:

make a new batch with 5 and the complete 2.
Galient Complete!VgUQQSCZ!7KOP0hL-QArcMH0vxWfEjoSNwIn_2_rs2y4Xctro6tI

Gravion Artworks

Gundam 0083 with Phantom Bullets English translation mook

More books:

Other Dengeki Super Robot Spirits scan:

Another Dengeki Super Robot Spirits scan:

Part1: Download pass: WIV5
Part2: Download pass: BPE4

Extraction pass: ata4re8tad5f1a5d

Gundam Master Grade Book 2006

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Thank you for this torrent!

Especially your upload of Infinite Emission 2. I really appreciate the preview.

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