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Hello there!

Things are happening in my life that are making it a bit difficult to keep regularly updating here, namely having to change jobs again and getting married. I HAVE NO PLANS TO SHUT ARCHIVE DOWN, though I do plan on going on hiatus for a few months.
I will continue to scrape books for the site (and please continue to send leads for them, thanks everyone!) but I have no idea how often updates will be made.

All content will stay online. Right now the Magnet Links and the Amazon Cloud repository for torrents are what are working, and the Amazon batch is the best source. Torcache is dead and I'll replace the links at some point.

I have a few books now that are next for the scanner:
    Phantasy Star Online 2 - Episode 1&2 Materials Collection [scan 40% complete]
    25th Anniversary - Phantasy Star Visual Collection
    Variable Fighter Master File - VF-0 Phoenix
    Analoghack - open-resource project [redjuice]
    Redbox - redjuice artbook 2007-2013 works

Future plans: As I have stated, I'm still thinking of working on getting the last few books of Five Star Stories translated maybe early next year. I'm also thinking of holding a book sale, my shelves are getting rather packed. This might be in the fall.
I'm also planning to go on a trip to Japan in a few months, likely I'll be able to find a nice batch of books there to add to the queue.

I'm sorry that Archive Scans hasn't been as active in the last few years as it was in the beginning, I want to continue working on the site but don't have as much time as I used to have. I'll post when I can with updates but I don't think a lot will happen until I can better focus my attention in late November. It'll be about the 8th anniversary of Archive Scans and, goddamn, that's a long time for me.
Feel free to comment or email me.

I'll see you when I see you.



VyseLegendaire said...

Congrats on getting married ;)

The re-org is awesome and don't worry, we won't forget about you.

I've got to catch up on Five Star Stories in the meantime.

boinger said...

Best wishes to you and the future mrs. archive scans
and any potential archive scan-lettes!

Jeeg said...

Thank you for all the books in these years!
Maybe your wife will help you scanning all the reamaining books! :-)
Ask her!!

Anonymous said...

Hey man ! I'm a big fan of your site and artbooks site, and very sad to know that your site will end most life goes on, it would be nice of you to make a tumblr and post or share what you like, I love to know about site artbook on the internet and your tastes, I wish for you a good life buddy!

Anonymous said...

and thanks for all your work for sharing your life and what you have divided to the world!

Anonymous said...

Thank You for scans and all your hardwork!
congrats on the marriage, may you always have a good life

Thank you always

SuedeMonkey said...

Hey bud! Congrats on getting married!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your wedding! you're doing a fine job sir,i wish you the best <3

Unknown said...
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