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Get torrents here until further notice:
Amazon Cloud Repository

~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


to our all-mighty lord, caffeine

Sorry for the lag again, I started a new job and have ~13 hour work days right now. I'm thinking that I'll do large batch updates for net-found books and I'll try to scan when I can.


Jeeg said...

Something strange happened.
I clicked the magnet link (because amazon-drive ask my to sign in).
The books in the magnet are all different from the list you wrote in the blog and they are different also from the picture with all the covers.

Is it the right magnet? Can you check again?


Archive said...

Strange, that. I've updated the magnet link to the proper one. As to the Amazon link, when I go to the link with a non-signed in browser it allows me to look at and download the files. I'm sorry it's acting strange for you. Let me know if it continues.

Jeeg said...

Today I can see all the books in the Amazondrive without signing!

I conferm that the books are all different from the books that I'm downloading right now (the books in the magnet file you provide).

In the magnet file I founf books like:
A fortress Exceeding Time and space
Ao no 6 rokugo
Appleseed premethius montage
Art of mass effect
Art of tron legacy

All book different from the book on amazondrive.

I will download both eh eh...but I think the magnet file in the blog is the wrong one.