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Current book status - Rev. 3

Alrighty. Now that I've gotten the large-format books out of the way I'm pretty sure that I'll be scanning the Mass Effect artbook next. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get the two Macross Frontier Sketchbooks someday soon but until that happens I'm wondering what you all want me to scan next. Please limit suggestions to what books I have on hand.

Books that I have yet to scan (also haven't found complete copies online):
Stand Alone Complex - Official Log 1 (US Version)
Stand Alone Complex - 2nd Gig - Visual Book
yoshitoshi ABe - Lain Illustrations (US Version)
Gundam Seed Astray Masters (Scale modeling book)
GP-01 Gundam Profile - HGUC TR-1 Hazel (Scale modeling book)
Gundam Wars III - Gundam Sentinel
Newtype 100% - The Five Star Stories (covers the Movie)
The Five Star Stories - Chronicle 2007
The Five Star Stories - School Calendar 2008
Intron Depot

Please let me know.