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I got the most incredible artbook today, Range Murata's 'Form|Code'. I'll be doing this book next. It's not just a book though, it's (mostly) made up of thick cardstock which all has Murata's incredible art and this is all bound by a 4-ring binder (though just the spine part of it). Here's a link to someones review of it.
It's also one of...2 or 3 not specifically sci-fi artbooks and now one of my favorites. I've always loved 'extras', one reason I like DVDs so much.

...And who the hell would put this book on clearance?


Status Update

Just something I've been thinking about.

The Megaupload account I created has been getting a fraction of the traffic of my Rapidshare account (maybe 1 to 8). Now, I do like having a backup and I know not everyone likes RS...but keeping these accounts open costs money OR traffic. The MU account has just about enough for another 30-day bump from traffic (so about 2 months till it comes due). When that time comes we may need to discuss how to go on.