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Get torrents here until further notice:
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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


Message from Rapidshare

Just got an email from a bot at Rapidshare, here's the important bit:
"Premium Accounts whose files use more than 25 GB ( Bytes) of storage will be subject to the file inactivity regulations, which effectuate the automatic deletion of inactive files. A file is inactive if it has not been downloaded for at least 90 days."

I've got ~31.4gb of data at Rapidshare right now. I'll be waiting for emails from people about down links for older files.




New Aquisition: FSS Designs 3 - Kalamity Godders : Both


Got me a new book today! I was lucky to find a copy of Designs 3 at my local Kinokuniya. If wanted this might be moved to the top of the queue for scanning.