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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


Questions for next year

On the 1st I'll start a poll to collect input on what order to scan the books.

Alrighty, I've got a few books that I can scan left:
Intron Depot by Masamune Shirow
yoshitoshi ABe - Lain Illustrations (US release)
Gundam GP01 - HGUC TR-1 Hazel (mostly modeling, some artwork)
Gundam Seed Astray Masters (like the above one)
Stand Alone Complex - Official Log 1 (covers 2/3rds of the 1st GIG, us version and has a DVD)

The following are ones that have minor artwork and/or low-res/low-size images:
Macross F File 1 & 2 (little art, mostly article)
The Five Star Stories - Chronicle 2007
The Five Star Stories - Episode Guide 1986-1997
Cowboy Bebop Knocking on Heavens Door - Film Book

Oh, Merry Christmas (or whatever)!