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Sorry for the wait.

Sorry for the lack of updates, work has been kicking my ass the last month and it shows no sign of slowing down. I'm gonna try to get more done for the site in the next few weeks; I've gotten emails about bad links and will be fixing them, if you find any bad links please email me.

Also, I got the book 'Industrial Divinities' by Izumo Jyuki (HLJ link) over the weekend. Wondering if this should be inserted in the current queue.


Daniel said...

I've been wanting to see Industrial Divinities ever since I first heard about it. Okubo's work is awesome.

Upload that! :D

Archive said...

Just to be clear I got the book and will have to scan it to get it online. I was mainly wondering if/where this one should be inserted in the current queue.

Daniel said...

At the top. haha
well, in my opinion.

Regardless, thanks for taking the time to do all this.

Anonymous said...

I love your site, and thank you for efforts you have made to scan these books and prints. I hate to ask if you have seen any scans of the Hyper Weapon series of books?

Anonymous said...

i think that book would absolutely be worth it, wouldnt it? - in short: im 100% with daniel :)

thanks for the awesome work on this blog man. its a super great place and very useful ressource.

Anonymous said...

Man just wanted to thank you for your blog!btw Industrial Divinities by Okubo MUST BE in the queue! It is one of the coolest mecha gesign artbooks ever.

SUEDE said...

i will be waiting for the scan of industrial divinities! thanks sir!

Anonymous said...

that book looks awesome,
i also want hyper weapons and any ma.k books.

and any current game art books like mass effect 2 or bio shock 2, guild wars 2 would be nice!!

Anonymous said...

I just wandered here from the 'chans-- and I was wondering if you happened to have the art "book" (so to say) that's here:

7eAL said...

At the top, as Daniel said.
Extreme realism is a nice change.

AdamJ said...

Hi, thanks for all the great scans, scans are of superb quality. Love the gundam scans very much.

Is it possible to make a request on scans?

Anonymous said...

Please please please !! scan it !! Than been a while i wanted to have this book !!