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Mini Update

Today is 7/26/2011. I'm removing all posts earlier than this that do not have the ~status tag.



Got a few questions for you all:

-First off, as you can see I've been thinking of doing direct donations (paypal or the like). Even though I've put ads up here the amount of traffic is so little that I've made a whopping $4.10 since starting it. Basically the ads aren't having any positive effect right now and even though the poll I posted hasn't finished yet I see that some think it could work.
At this point I'm keeping my RS account paid for, usually just from the DLs that the account gets (maybe pay for every 2nd or 3rd month right now). I'm paying for the MU account when I can.

-Second, I've been thinking of re-organizing the site so all artists/categories are in their own post (no more mixed content posts). This would make the category list more accurate. This would likely shut the place down for a couple weeks so I could redo everything.

-Lastly more of a comment than a question. To everyone who comments or emails me with input or comments I greatly appreciate your messages. I got an incredible email earlier this month, makes me feel like this place is worth it.
Also, I've been noticing a lot more requests recently. While I would be very happy to fulfill them I have a very small personal collection and everything else on this site was either sent to me or I happened to find on other sites. This means that it will be very unlikely that I will be able to help you barring someone sending me the books. If you have books you'd like me to put up please email me.

Wow, wall of text. I hope to get the next book (Gundam Profile - TR-1 Hazel) done in the next few weeks. Later!



I've solved a problem with my main scanner and hope to do some work this weekend. I'll shoot for getting SAC Log 1 done, and maybe Industrial Divinities.

For now the queue is as follows:
Stand Alone Complex - Official Log 1
Industrial Divinities
Gundam Profile - TR-1 Hazel
Intron Depot
Astray Masters
Lain Illustrations

I changed it a little, I want to get Intron Depot done (want a backup/digital copy).