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Gundam Profile GP01 - TR-1 Hazel Custom

This book is a lot like the Macross Frontier VF-25 modeling book I scanned a while ago. It focuses on the HGUC TR-1 Hazel kit and its variants. It even has templates to instruct on how to build the Sturm Booster that the Hazel II has for either 1/100 or 1/144 (this book was released before the HGUC Hazel II kit was made). Enjoy!
Gundam Profile GP01 - TR-1 Hazel Custom

First book completed with my new scanner; I'm fairly happy with it although I wish the focus wasn't so precise, this one won't let me cheat with the part of the image near the book spine. This is kinda a rough scan, still learning the scanner.


Neon Genesis Evangelion

edit- this one ended up in the wrong folder, whoops.
Carmine - Digital Art Collection:

Die Sterne - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Der Mond - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Groundwork of Evangelion - Volume 01 - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Groundwork of Evangelion - Volume 02 - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Newtype 100% - Neon Genesis Evangelion - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Eve ~Venus at the 2015AD~ - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:

Evangelion - Iron Maiden Calander:

End of Evangelion Theatrical Program:

Evangelion Postcards - Pack 2:

Evangelion Postcards:

Neon Genesis Evangelion in 3D:

Neon Genesis Evangelion - 2005 Calendar:

Death & Rebirth Theatrical Program:

Death & Rebirth Theatrical Program - Delux Ver:

Sento Yousei Yukikaze

This was sent to me by a very kind person after seeing the very rough images of the book that I had previously posted. This and the other design book are the only actual artbooks I've seen for Yukikaze. This looks to have been scanned at 400-600dpi, the images haven't been resized, just cropped down to the actual page.

Blue & Purple - Nawomotsukazenohon - Ikuto Yamashita

This is a rough scan I found on eMule.
Fairy Air Force at War

Sento Yosei Yukikaze - Mechanical Design Works

Here's all of the DVD booklets/covers for Yukikaze:

Sento Yousei Yukikaze - DVD Booklet 1 - 5


yoshitoshi ABe

Gaisokyu - Yoshitoshi ABe:

Guri No Machi, Haibane No Niwa De - Yoshitoshi ABe:

Haibane Renmei - Artbook Alternate:

Mutekei Romance - Sketches - Yoshitoshi ABe:

Mutekei Romance - Sui-Rin - Yoshitoshi Abe:

NieA 7 - Scrap - Yoshitoshi ABe:

Not Found - Yoshitoshi ABe:

Pen Drawings - yoshitoshi ABe:

Ryuu Tai - yoshitoshi ABe:

This seems to be a complete copy, if you've got this book or a better digital copy and this has missing pages please let me know.
Visual Experiments Lain - Yoshitoshi ABe:

Yoshitaka Amano

Fantastic Collection 53 - Vampire Hunter D - Yoshitaka Amano

Fei Tian - Yoshitaka Amano

Japan - Yoshitaka Amano

Maten - Yoshitaka Amano

MONO 1 - Yoshitaka Amano

The Virgin - Yoshitaka Amano


From Myst to Riven - The Creations & Inspirations

A great book, although it's more of a making-of for Riven than a true artbook. This really makes me wish that Cyan Worlds would make another of these books (mostly for End of Ages and Uru). Also, I guess there were 5 variations of the cover, kinda a nice touch given the story in Riven.
It's a very interesting look at what needed to be done to make a relatively simple (when compared to today's games).
From Myst to Riven - The Creations & Inspirations

Ps- Got a new scanner to replace my main one and I've finally been able to clean/service my large-format scanner. Hopefully that'll fix all of the color streaking due to dust in the optics we've seen.


Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum Crisis - B-Club Special - The Story of Knight Sabers 2032~2033:

Bubblegum Crisis - 01:

Bubblegum Crisis - 2:

Bubblegum Crash - B-Club Special:

The next three books have a good amount of Bubblegum Crisis art as well as other projects that Kenichi Sonoda has been involved with.

Gallant - Kenichi Sonoda:

Kenichi Sonoda - Garden Party:

Kenichi Sonoda - Artworks 1983-1997:


Chocolate Shop

Xeno Emission Box Cover

If anyone knows of a better copy of this book please let me know.
Xeno Emission E1 - Chocolate Shop

Xeno Emission E2 - Chocolate Shop

Xeno Emission E3 - Chocolate Shop

Xeno Emission Preview - Chocolate Shop

The White Lion - Chocolate Shop

HIGE FIX2 PREVIEW - Chocolate Shop

Hige Fix 2 - Pesented by Chocolate Shop (English)

EVA FIX - Abnormalities in Daily Life - Chocolate Shop