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Sento Yousei Yukikaze

This was sent to me by a very kind person after seeing the very rough images of the book that I had previously posted. This and the other design book are the only actual artbooks I've seen for Yukikaze. This looks to have been scanned at 400-600dpi, the images haven't been resized, just cropped down to the actual page.

Blue & Purple - Nawomotsukazenohon - Ikuto Yamashita

This is a rough scan I found on eMule.
Fairy Air Force at War

Sento Yosei Yukikaze - Mechanical Design Works

Here's all of the DVD booklets/covers for Yukikaze:

Sento Yousei Yukikaze - DVD Booklet 1 - 5


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Is the mechanical works one a rescan?

Archive said...

Nope, all of these are reposts so I can add the new hosting links in and clean house.

Anonymous said...

These two posts have some additional links (which still seem to be active):

Archive said...

During this reorganization I've decided to hold off reposting most art packs so they can be updated or cleaned out. Much of the stuff in the two past Yukikaze art packs is included in books that I now have copies of.

Unknown said...

hi.. Where can I get the books you? thankyou..

Speedy said...

It seems that the Fairy Air Force At War artbook needs a password and I can't find it in the post :(

Unknown said...

Do you have a password for Fairy Air Force at War?

I can't find on any of the torrent sites

Anonymous said...

That link is dead, can't find torrent sites to download those.