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Queue update / new book

Just got a new book! 'Junya Ishigaki Works- ROBO no Ishi' arrived in the mail today (SAL shipping only took just over 2 weeks this time) and it's a very nice book. Probably close to or over 200 pages and contains art from over 30 productions. This is gonna be the next book scanned.

The current queue is as follows:

Junya Ishigaki Works- ROBO no Ishi (edit- hope to get this done by the 10th of July)
Macross Frontier - Official File 2
Astray Masters
Lain Illustrations

Also, I'm thinking of having a contest, donation drive or something in early fall. If you have any ideas please let me know.


Mass Effect 2 - Collector's Edition Art Book & Art Pack

Here's the small (~45 pages, 4x6") art book that came with my copy of Mass Effect 2. It's quite nice but I hope a proper artbook is released for ME2 at some point.
Mass Effect 2 - Collector's Edition Art Book

The Art of Mass Effect

A great book for a great game. I was lucky enough to get this (paired with the guidebook) when it was still easily available. Please note; Syd Mead did not do any art for Mass Effect.
The Art of Mass Effect:

Macross Frontier - Official File 1, Status update

Not quite the type of book I like. This mostly is episode recap and character information. Not enough art.

Macross Frontier - Official File 1

Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 - 2 Material

I've usually been copy/pasting the text from the original post for all my scans when reposting them but this one must have come from before I started the blog.
This book covers PSO Episodes I and II; it has a good ammount of developmental art for characters, settings and equipment. It also shows all of the PC costumes (this takes up a chunk of the book).
Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 - 2 Material


The Elements of Phantasy Star

This is a 2 book set inside of a plastic slip cover:

The Elements of Phantasy Star Universe:

This book has art for both PSU and PSU: Illuminus. A very nice artbook, though it doesn't have art of the Landeel or the Military ships.

Phantasy Star Online - Ep III - Blue Burst - Visual Book:


Macross 7 Sketchbook

Finaly, a new Macross book! 95 pages, all production lineart. This has mostly characters with a little mechanical (valkyries and ships) and setting art.

Macross 7 Sketchbook: