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Newtype 100% Collection - The Five Star Stories

I got this book quite a while ago, before I'd completed my English version FSS collection. Honestly I don't much like the Newtype 100% series of books, not enough design works and too much screenshot. Ahh well, others may enjoy the book more than I did.

Newtype 100% Collection - The Five Star Stories

Smoke Walls

Loving my new scanner (A3 sized, SCSI based). Makes it that I'll never need to stitch images again (hopefully). Enjoy!

Smoke Walls - Mamoru Nagano:

Plastic Style

Plastic Style - Mamoru Nagano:

FSS Designs III - Kalamity Godders:Both

There's a fair bit of repeat art in this book but it's still quite good (though I now think that Designs II is my favorite).
Wow, it's been around 4 months since I've done a book scan. Hopefully things will go better in the next few months.

The extra file has most of the 2-page spreads scanned as one image, I didn't have time to try to clean them up though.

FSS Designs III - Kalamity Godders : Both

FSS Designs II - Addler:Juno

So, after long last (what, 3 months?) I have finished the scan of FSS Designs II! The scan is a little rough but still fully readable. The images are about 300dpi (Xx3000 pixels).
FSS Designs II - Addler:Juno

FSS Desings I - Eastern:AKD

Did a quick scan of Designs I. It's rough but I wanted to get it scanned and uploaded within a day. Now there's a non-watermarked version out there.

FSS Designs I - Easter: A.K.D:

Form|Code - Range Murata

Form|Code is now one of my favorite artbooks, it is and incredible presentation. The book is more of binder? It's made up of thick cardstock pages bound with a 4-ring binder spine and this is held in a plastic slip cover.
I know another person/group released this book a few years ago (DPG I think) but I noticed that some of the stuff wasn't included in the release.
This one also took longer than I thought it would, none of it would fit on my fast scanner. I scanned it at 600-800dpi and resized to 4000pixels in height for upload. It still ended up ~590mb!
Thanks to a few very nice people I've included a stitched versions of the 5 posters included in Form|Code, this got a wonderful response and I thank everyone who helped out or gave input.

Form|Code - Range Murata:


The Five Star Stories - Complete English Version

Here's the complete English version of The Five Star Stories (Books 1-10 of the 12 Japanese version books).

The Five Star Stories - Book I (US booklets 1-3)

The Five Star Stories - Book II (US volumes 4-5)

The Five Star Stories - Book III (US volumes 6-8)

The Five Star Stories - Book IV (US volumes 9-10)

The Five Star Stories - Book V (US volumes 11-12)

The Five Star Stories - Book VI (US volumes 13-14)

The Five Star Stories - Book VII (US volumes 15-17)

The Five Star Stories - Book VIII (US volumes 18-20)

The Five Star Stories - Book IX (US volumes 21-23)

The Five Star Stories - Book X (US volumes 24-26)

A few very kind souls have translated some of The Five Star Stories past book 10 (US book 26). In the past week I've tried to contact a couple posters responsible on the GearsOnline forum with no success, one of them hasn't logged into the site in a couple months. I've decided to post them, I know how much FSS is liked. (this would be US book 27 if it were ever released.)

The Five Star Stories - Book 11 - Part 1

This is an extra (omake? is that the right term?) that was published after a few of the Newtype sections of FSS.

Unofficial English translation for Prima Classe Hugtrang

Ao No 6 Rokugo - Graphic World

EDIT: I've rescanned pages 83, 84 and 85. Sorry it took so long for me to do.
Pretty short and a little to busy for me but it's a good source of Blue Sub 6 lineart (been rare to find online). I wish it had more of Range Murata's artwork (and that there is isn't 'clean').

Ao No 6 Rokugo - Graphic World:

Studio Ghibli

Nausicaa - DVD Commemoration Book

Archives of Studio Ghibli vol.1

Daydream Note - Hayao Miyazaki

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka - Guidebook 2008-2009

The Art of My Neighbor Totoro

The Art of Spirited Away

Metal Gear Solid

Master Artworks - Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Art Booklet

The Art of Metal Gear Solid 2 - Yoji Shinkawa

The Art Of Metal Gear Solid 1.5 - Yoji Shinkawa


Macross Frontier - Official File 2

Again, not quite the type of book I like. This mostly is episode recap and interviews with the voice actors. More mechanical art than booklet 1 but still not enough.
Macross Frontier - Official File 2
Password is 'Archive', the A is capitalized, my mistake.


Junya Ishigaki Works- ROBO no Ishi

Sorry for the long wait. Work's been tiring and now a heat wave has been covering the region I live.
This book is very nice, containing Junya Ishigaki's work from more than 30 different productions including Macross, Gundam, Noien, Full Metal Alchemist, IGPX, Xenogears, Zone of the Enders Dolores I and many more. I had collected random media that this guy had done for various works and didn't know that he did all of them until I got this book, he's very prolific.

Junya Ishigaki Works- ROBO no Ishi


More updating

Edit- I've gotten the raw scan of Robo no Ishi just over half done. Hope to have it completed by Friday.

Okay, I ended up being pretty busy this weekend too; not going to be doing any scanning.

A couple bits of news: I got a new book, Phantasy Star Online: Book of Hunters (not sure if this is a accurate title but it's what the books called most of the time online). It's a nice book, the content kind of overlaps some with the Ep 1 & 2 Materials book though. After Robo-no-Ishi is scanned it'll be next.

Second; Rapidshare has drastically changed how they charge accounts and reimburse for traffic. My account will no longer be self sufficient in any way and they have increased the cost of keeping an account similar to mine active. I have 10 days from this post until the account lapses and it is likely the links will go dead. We've got the http links still so it won't be too massive a problem.
I'm looking in to reactivating my Megaupload account but it's not a high priority right now.

Happy happy, joy joy.