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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


Joker 3100

A fine book, very early compared to the other FSS books I've scanned (this one was published in 1998). It has 12 two-page images, a section on Morter Heads and an interview section.
It's been a while since I scanned a FSS book.
Joker 3100 - Mamoru Nagano

Macross Chronicle 32, 33, 35

This is the last of the Chronicle books I've got. I may get some more in the future though I'm also hoping that others will start to scan them as well.

RVF-25 and it's associatedd Ghosts, Macross 5 Fleet Ships, Breetai and Exedol (DYRL)
Macross Chronicle 32

Macross Quarter, ADR-04-Mk X Defender, VF-27
Macross Chronicle 33

VF-25g, New Macross Battle 7 Bridge, lots of information sheets.
Macross Chronicle 35


New book incoming.

I should be getting a copy of Joker 3100 this week and will be scanning it next weekend if everything goes well. I'm also thinking of getting a copy of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Material artbook, if anyone has a copy and can tell me if it'll be worth it to get please let me know.

Edit- Got the book. I was hoping for more of Nagano's watercolor (I think that's what he uses) art. All of the art in this book is very early in FSS's life, it was first published in 1998.
Many of the images in this book span two pages. Would anyone be willing to help me stitch them together?


Ignition - RedJuiceGraphics Works Portfolio 2009-2010

This is an artist I've been trying to follow since seeing some of his pictures a few months ago, he's got a very cool style. Be warned, there's a bit of ecchi.
It looks like this was first released at Hunting the Elusive, although I found it on another site without proper credit given.
Ignition - RedJuiceGraphics Works Portfolio 2009-2010

Macross Chonicle 20, 22, 23

YF-19, Isamu Alva Dyson, Varuta 'Vampires'
Macross Chronicle 20

VF-25f, New Macross Galaxy, Gunpod Technology
Macross Chronicle 22

SV-51 (Ivanov Ver.), Meltlandi Gunship, DD Ivanov
Macross Chronicle 23


Macross Chronicle 15, 17, 18

VF-27, Ex-Gear, Valgo and more!
Macross Chronicle 18

VF-17t Kai, Auerstadt Submarine, Ray Lovelock, Veffidas Feaze.
Macross Chronicle 17

This one has the SDF-01 Macross (SDF Ver.), VF-0 w/Ghost and Armored, Bruno J. Global (SDF) and more.
Macross Chronicle 15