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The Five Star Stories - Episode Guide 1986-1997

This one is closer to a text book than an artbook. It has charts of different relationships between people and MHs in FSS' story as well as some lengthy bits of text. I scanned this more for completeness' sake rather than any of the content, it's a pretty rough scan.

The Five Star Stories - Episode Guide 1986-1997

The Five Star Stories Outline

An interesting book focused on the creator of 'The Five Star Stories' Mamoru Nagano. It's got lots of interviews, an intro to FSS and much more.
This is another book that I've de-bound, I guess some books are more expendable than others. I had the cut up copy for a few years and wanted to get it done since I'd only had an okay digital copy.

The Five Star Stories Outline


Macross Frontier - The False Songstress - Roman Album

This book is pretty simmilar to the Frontier Fan Book and the Newtype %100 books. It's got sections on the characters, story, mechanical designs and settings, storyboards and more. I, of course, wish it had more lineart and schematics for the mechanical aspects of the production but that's me.
In scanning this book I also decided to try my first de-binding. Using a hobby razor I cut the pages from the binding. The main reason I did this was that this book was too large to fit on my main scanner and too stiff to get good images from on any of my scanners. Please note that it will be pretty rare for me to do this, I like my books too much to try it again.

Macross Frontier - The False Songstress - Roman Album

End of the year

Well, I'd say this has been a good year for the site. We've gotten a great file host and dropped RS. I've gotten some good books scanned and we've gotten stuff contributed by more users. And, above all, I've been able to keep motivated with all of the input from visitors and contributors. Thank you all.

Also, I've been scanning Macross Frontier movie book. It's nearly 2cm too wide for my normal scanner so I ended up disassembling the book to scan on my large-format scanner. Should have it done by the end of the week.


Phantasy Star Portable 2 - Material Artbook

I was quite happy to find this book at a Kinokuniya when I was on holiday.
This book covers story characters, locations, enemies, storyboards, interviews and more. Although the style has changed quite a bit since the PSO days it's still interesting, if a little too 'flowery' for my taste. It'll be interesting to see what PSO2 holds for us.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 - Material Artbook

Joint Project - Macross Picture Collection

These link packages were sent to me by the Administrator of iMacross4 and MacrossShare. They are RS links to *.dlc files that can be used with JDownloader. The actual files are hosted on RS.
Here's the originating post:


Macross UN Spacy Mecha Prototypes
(included in SDF Macross Picture Collection)
Macross Zero Picture Collection 2010
SDF Macross Picture Collection 2010
Macross DYRL Picture Collection 2010
Macross Flashback 2012 Picture Collection 2010 V2
Macross Plus Picture Collection 2010
Macross 7 Picture Collection 2010
Macross Frontier Picture Collection 2010

Macross 2036 The Neld Fleet Incident Picture Collection 2010

Macross 2037 Eternal Love Song Picture Collection 2010
Macross II Picture Collection 2010

Macross Air Cavalry Chronicles
Macross Advanced Valkyrie Picture Collection 2010

Macross Games Picture Collection V2
NES Macross Scrambled Valkyrie
(includes RPG!)
Macross M3 Picture Collection 2010
Macross VFX Picture Collection 2010
Macross VFX2 Picture Collection 2010
PS2 SDF Macross Picture Collection
PC Macross VO Game Information v2

MW VF Variations Picture Collection 2010
MW CGI Picture Collection 2010
Macross Super Deformed Picture Collection 2010
Macross Robo-Girls
Macross DVD Covers
Macross Model Box Art
Macross Icons
Macross Decals
MW Macross Magazine Selection
(scanned by Graham)


Couple Gundam Things

After War Gundam X - Mechanic Drawing Data

Mobile Suit Gundam Calendar 2011

Studio Ghibli

-Warning: a few of these books are quite massive in filesize.

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

Hotta Yoshie Ten - The Troublous Times Depicted by Ghibli

Miyazaki-Moebius Exhibition Catalogue

Studio Ghibli Layout Designs - Understanding the Secrets of Takahata-Miyazaki Animation

The Art of Howl's Moving Castle

The Art of Nausicaa - Watercolor Impressions

The Art of Tales from Earthsea