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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


Serial Experiments Lain - Illustrations

Lots of full page pieces, cover art and the like as well as development art and information on ABe. This book is in English too so I can actually read all of it even.
The chapter title pages have text that isn't a different color than the rest of the page, it's just much glossier. Did my best to get it but it's still hard to make out.

Serial Experiments Lain - Illustrations


Die Welt Von Panzer Dragoon Zwei

Books like this make me wish I could read Japanese. This one seems to have a large, almost textbook-like, section with a huge amount of information on the world of the Panzer Dragoon series with a little bit of art. It's kinda a quick scan.

Die Welt Von Panzer Dragoon Zwei

There was very little art to this book, most of it was a guide to the game. I decided to scan the pages with art and put them up as an art pack.

Panzer Dragoon - Complete Guide - Art Pack


Update, New Scan Queue

Alright, Here's the new scan queue:
Panzer Dragoon books (on the way)
Serial Experiments Lain Illustrations (possible de-bind)

Shoji Kawamori's Macross Design Works (63 votes)
The Five Star Stories, Books 1 & 2 (41 votes)
Kazutaka Miyatake Design Works - Macross & Orguss (26 votes)
Virtual On - Matrix Collection (19 votes)

I may have to wait a while to do any new scans, my main scanner died halfway through doing the Appleseed book. Using my B-Size scanner to complete the raw scan took about 9 hours, it's made for quality/size not throughput. Until I can get a hold of a new scanner I'm not going to be doing much more than reposts.

As to the Panzer Dragoon books, I'm pretty sure they are game guide books rather than artbooks so I may scan just the artwork rather than the whole book. They should get to me in a couple days and I'll make the decision after I look through them. See you then!


Appleseed - Prometheus Montage

More of a film book than a design works book but very nicely done. It's got ~85 pages of nice stills with little text, then ~15 pages of lineart and another ~15 pages of interviews. Not a bad book at all.

Appleseed - Prometheus Montage


New books, new scan queue

Well, this recent poll has shown a much larger amount of feedback than ones in the past. I'll be deciding the rescan queue in a couple days when the poll closes.

I've got a couple new books on the way. First is the Appleseed Prometheus Montage - Complete Works (the 2004 movie) and a couple Panzer Dragoon books (the first two games). These, along with the SE Lain book, will be the top priority for scanning. I'll try to get one of them done by the end of this month.

-Edit: Got the Appleseed book, more of a film book but very well done (lots of stills rather than pages of text). Should be scanning it soon.


RahXephon Books


I found more of this book online and added it to what I already had. Unfortunatly none of the pages have actual page numbers on them so I can't tell what order they should go in or if the book is complete. If anyone has a copy of this I could use your help.

Rahxpehon - Official Illustration Collection (incomplete)

This one's set up like the Newtype %100 books and the like. Lots of full page character and promo art with a little bit of design work.

RahXephon Bible


X8 Prototype Gallery - Official Set Material Collection

I think this booklet came with some version of the game, looks to be the right size.

X8 Prototype Gallery - Official Set Material Collection

Here's the link to .torrent for this book

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