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Status, Site Useage Data

-UPDATE- An emergency test started at work, meaning I'll have to be working during the weekends for the next month or so. I'll try to get the next book out but don't put money on anything.

I found that I've been gathering data from Google Analytics for just over a year now, I though you all might want to see the data. we've currently got ~50gb of active content and the highest point on that topmost graph is 27 Feb, the day I posted Serial Experiments Lain - Illustrations.
(01 April 2010 is when I added the Analytics code to the site)

As to the books I've gotten a little distracted lately (picked up bookbinding, seems kinda funny now that I think about it) and haven't gotten as much done here as I would have liked.
I've got a copy of FSS Chronicles 2007 disassembled and ready for scanning but I need to fix my ADF for that one. I've also got another book that I've decided has waited long enough for the scanner, this one I should get done in the next few weeks.

Also; comments help run the site. It shows me what content you all favor, lets me know if things are broken and gives me motivation to keep this place running. The more comments the better!

...Except for requests. My policy from here on out is the only way I can/will fill a request is if the book is shipped to me.

Wow, sorry for the block of text. I'll try to get the book done soon.