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Valkyries Second Sortie - Art Works of Macross

This is a great book. The bulk of it is incredible paintings used as cover and presentation art for various Macross items or productions from the last few years.

Valkyries Second Sortie - Art Works of Macross - Tenjin Hidetaka


New Books

I got a few new books in today: 'Tenjin Hidetaka - Valkyries Second Sortie', 'Variable Fighter Master File - VF-19 Excalabur' and 'Variable Fighter Master File - VF-1 Valkyrie (2nd book)'. These will give me stuff to scan for a while.

Got the raw scan of Valkyries completed and have started reprocessing, expect it tomorrow.

I've also started scanning Chocolate Gouache, likely will complete it in the next couple weeks.


Bioshock 2 - Collector's Edition

I was able to grab this at a clearance sale and was very surprised at the ammount of thought that went into this collector's edition. It's got an LP, CD, posters, artbook and the game all contained in a very well made box with the above picture on the cover.
I tried to be as complete as I could, just about everything that could be scanned is in the pack (save for a few bits I've omitted).
Although the game may not have quite made it to the same level as the first Bioshock this is still a great collection.

Bioshock 2 - Collector's Edition