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New Books

I got a few new books in today: 'Tenjin Hidetaka - Valkyries Second Sortie', 'Variable Fighter Master File - VF-19 Excalabur' and 'Variable Fighter Master File - VF-1 Valkyrie (2nd book)'. These will give me stuff to scan for a while.

Got the raw scan of Valkyries completed and have started reprocessing, expect it tomorrow.

I've also started scanning Chocolate Gouache, likely will complete it in the next couple weeks.


gus said...

Archive Scans Rules!

Anonymous said...

Cool Stuff! Looking forward to them! XD

Ant Sized Man said...

Sweet, lots of macross awesomeness.

Yg said...

these are in my waiting list, wait you scan it.

Chris G. said...

you have the finest test dear sir, as always.

thank you in advance.

Chris G. said...

i mean Taste. :P

Captain Panettone said...

This is exceptionally good news.

LinkJR said...

great! been following your blog for a while now lots of great rare artwork from a fellow mecha fan