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Happy Birthday!

I didn't miss the anniversary of the opening of the site this year, yay! We've not had more than a (relatively minor) interruption with media hosting. For a hobby project I consider that pretty good!

First off I'd like to thank Falldog at Otaku Revolution for graciously providing massive amounts of great hosting to me. It's never gone down and always seems to be quite snappy.

Next I'd like to thank all the people who've sent in books and other content; a few incredible publications have come up seemingly from nowhere thanks to these great people.

Lastly, all of the people who've posted comments, emailed me or spread word about the site. Without you all I'd have lost the motivation to keep this place going long, long ago.

Here's to the years, and books, ahead!

-To business

Regarding the drawing, I've only gotten 6 or so emails so far. Come on, email me at and enter the drawing! (see comments for details)

Also, according to the poll I had up there is some interest in the 3 Pern books I've got: Atlas of Pern, Dragonrider's Guide to Pern and People of Pern. The first two are in very poor shape though. Questions or comments welcome.

As to the current scan queue, I'm pretty low on fresh books right now, save for about 3 or so, this means rescans will be more common and this will likely be the focus of another poll soon.

I've been asked about donations as well. I've never set anything up to this point, don't send money to anyone without emailing me, I don't want your money disappearing. Since I don't really have any costs associated with the site (save for the books themselves) I'm not quite sure how to go about this. Again, questions or comments welcome.

Yay text!


Archive said...

Further details on the drawing:
each of the three winners will receive one 12.25x18" print on high-quality photo paper via USPS. The drawing will occur some time between November 1st to the 15th (if I don't get enough entries, come on people!) and I'll announce the winners and ask for mailing addresses.

-ps: this is not a scam, even though I can't really prove otherwise.

gus said...

Happy Birthday Archive Scans!




Anonymous said...

I LOL'd I thought PERN was your way of discreetly saying PORN!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday from Thailand. Thanks you very much for everything, appreciate your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
And Thanks for your work °_°

Anonymous said...

Without this site, I would never, I mean NEVER, have been able to accomplish half of what I have done.

This site, more than just about any I can think of, has opened up the relative secrecy of artbooks pertaining to anime and allowed a whole world to partake in freedom of knowledge, education, and growth as a result.

Yg said...

Happy Birthday!
Birthday Happy!

boinger said...

Happy Birthday, Archive Scans!

billyperry said...

paypal is a good way of getting donations...

Yg said...

OST from Portal too

Tajbr said...

I must thank you for all scans you’ve made so far. It may be just a year or two for me here but you have never let me down because of your great work. I look forward to many artbooks that await us in the future. Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday archive scans!
thx so much fo your hardwork
ur the greatest!

former DPG Member said...

hxxp://[fDPG]_Final_Fantasy_IX_-_The_Art_of.rar <--brady games USA release 2000.

hxxp:// <--this is War of Genesis II part 2 - Visual Reference.

These should work I dunno were to spread these I'd rather share here then someone make a torrent cause I can't do that right now....i have more art books too...

former DPG Member said...

hxxp://[fDPG]_Shining_Tears_of_Wind_(novel).rar <--small novel with some art that is scanned here.[fDPG]_Granado_Espada_-_Plus_Visual_Chronicle.rar

Maybe these will spread someday lol...

Kimberly said...

Happy Belated Birthday Archive Scans!! Thanks for all the scans, I hope at some point you can scan the Redline artbook, that'd be amazing; I'd even put up money for that.

former DPG Member said...[fDPG]_Magna_Carta_-_The_Phantom_of_Avalanche_-_Visual_Referance.rar[fDPG]_Xenosaga_I_-_Postcard_Art_book.rar

Do these work for anybody? at all?

AMS said...

Happy Birthday! :)