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Macross - Perfect Memory

Here's the first of the Macross books sent to me by Boinger from Macrossworld.
This book is a pretty comprehensive look at the SDF Macross series including sections on each episode, character and mechanical designs and more. A very cool book.
There is a poster that original comes with this book, there was no copy of it available so I included the best image of it I could.

Note- This is a pretty massive book. Even reducing the file size and image quality it's still over 600mb in size when uncompressed.

Macross - Perfect Memory


Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays!

I should be able to get the copy of Macross Perfect Memory done by the end of the year.


Got the books!


Just got an email; there's a whole mess of Macross books on their way to me from Boinger at Macrossworld...