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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great newyears! I'm working on the rescan of ZoE right now and should have it done in about a week. I've also gotten a few new artbooks that will be scanned eventually (Art of Magic the Gathering from ~2001, Art of Borderlands 2, Art of Halo 4. The two game books will be at least 6 months out though), a good amount of stuff online and I still have books from Boinger to get upped as well.

Have a good 2013 everyone!


Scanner's fixed!

A small update. Thanks to some very special help I've been able to fix my scanner. The problem wasn't an issue with the scan/optics array after all; the scanner uses a strip of white material to calibrate against during POST. On my unit this strip had been damaged somehow. A bit of white photo paper and double-sided tape and now it works like a champ! I'll be redoing the scan of ZoE next and picking up with the Macross books from Boinger in January.

See you soon!



An Unexpected Event

So, I've now got some replacement parts for my scanner. 2 each; the optic/ccd array, power board and main logic board. Hopefully these all work, or at least give me replacement components.


Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone!
I'm really sorry about the down time the last few months, my life has changed quite a bit recently and it's made it difficult to keep up with the site. Don't worry, I'm not thinking of closing down or anything, It's just going to be a bit slow until after the start of the new year. I still have a few books that I need to put through the scanner and get uploaded for you all.

I wish you all the best for this season and I'll see you all again next year!



Archive Scans 4th Birthday!

This has been an interesting year. Scrambling from one host to another to keep things working, getting some really astonishing books scanned and even repairing a really expensive scanner.
I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to the site, in books, donations or leaving comments. You're the biggest reason that I keep this whole thing running. Over the past 4 years I've scanned about 90 books now, nearly my entire collection and some of a couple of other peoples'

I'm sorry to say I won't be able to do a drawing like last year, I simply don't have the time (or access to those printers) right now. Possibly around the end of the year I'll do something, I'll let you all know.
The site should be returning to the regular updates in a couple of weeks as well, I've still got a few of Boinger's Macross books to do as well as a couple of my own that need scanning.


Got a new book

Just got a recent order in the mail. This is the 'Premium Package' of the original Zone of the Enders game. The artbook covers the ZoE game and the Idolo movie. If I can get the banding issue my scanner's been having resolved this will be the next thing run.


Mass Effect 3 - N7 Collectors Edition

Here's all the media from the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3. I happened to find nice digital copies of a few parts of it. I scanned everything but the game manual and flyers.

Mass Effect 3 - N7 Collectors Edition

This Is Animation The Select - Macross Plus - Movie Edition

I'm really starting to like these 'This Is Animation' books. This one's also about 100 pages and covers all of Macross Plus. Great print, both on the color and monochrome pages. This has developmental art, film stills, interviews and even a section on some of the real life aircraft that have influenced various VFs.

This Is Animation The Select - Macross Plus - Movie Edition


Maintenance Incoming

There may be interruption in service for several torrents in the next couple weeks, likely the smaller packs and individual books.

Over the next week or two I'll be working on combining many of the torrents on the Seedbox, this should make things run a bit quicker and you won't need to wait as long for an available slot to open up. Right now its running around 80 torrents, I'm hoping I can reduce that by at least a third. This will mean that for many of the books that aren't part of a larger category will be added into a miscellaneous torrent and you will need to select/deselect the books in that torrent you want to download. This also means that many of the current torrents will no longer be seeded by the seedbox, if you are mirroring or actively downloading and you loose your seed please re-download.


Macross 7 - Moving Picture Collection - Mylene Edition

This is a 40-page booklet (literally 40 a4 pages stapled together) containing keyframe elements centered on Mylene from Macross 7.

Edit - The proper title is "Macross 7 - Moving Picture Collection - Mylene Edition". Sketchley of Macrossworld let me know. I've edited the files and remade the torrent. PLEASE REDOWNLOAD THE TORRENT TO GET THE CORRECT FILENAMES.

Macross 7 - Moving Picture Collection - Mylene Edition

This Is Animation Special - Macross 7

Another great book. 100 pages and covers general information for much of Macross 7. It's got magazine cover art, interviews and a slew of production art and mechanical designs.

This Is Animation Special - Macross 7


Macross 7 Fire Book - Thanks Everyone!

This booklet's got 2 titles, the one stated above and "Mama, I'm a GROWN-UP BOOK" for the Mylene side.
It's only 20 pages and focuses mainly on the 2 main characters of 7.

Macross 7 Fire Book - Thanks Everyone!


Input on current hosting

Hey everyone!
It's been ~4 months now since the Seedbox for the site was started up and I was wondering how you all thought it was working out. I've gotten a few requests for seeding of a few torrents and thought you all should know that the box can only seed 15 or so torrents at a time, this is a limitation on the Seedbox's allocated VM hardware (likely the memory). If it becomes a more recurring issue I'll see what it'll take to migrate over to a higher power VM (this would probobly need a donation drive or something).
Also, as a backup in case Torcache goes down in some way I'll keep adding magnet links to all new releases.

Speaking of donations, I've gotten a handful in and I'd like to thank everyone again for contributing.

PS- I'll try and get some more Macross stuff done this weekend.


This is Animation - Macross Plus

This is a great little book, about 100 pages and covers the first and second episodes of the OAV version of Macross Plus.
From Macrossworld: "Also included is Variable Fighter's Aero Report, a section focusing on the series' Variable Fighters, from the VF-1 Valkyrie to the YF-21, plus some mecha that was not used until the release of Macross VF-X2. And we have Variable Fighter Squadron Marking, featuring special paint schemes illustrated by Shigeki Ninomiya."

This is Animation - Macross Plus


Macross 7 - Fire Bomber Book

This is another of the smaller books that Boinger has sent me. 36 images, more than half of which are monochrome. This one has music for a handful of Macross 7 more popular songs.

Macross 7 - Fire Bomber Book


Macross 7 & Macross Plus Movie Program

This covers Macross Plus - Movie Edition and Macross 7 (although The Galaxy is Calling Me is on the rear cover). Only 36 images but pretty nice.

Macross 7 & Macross Plus Movie Program


More books from Boinger!

Here's the full list:
1. Roman Album Series : Fire Bomber
2. Roman Album Series : Extra-Miss Macross 7
3. This is Animation Series : Macross 7 Animation Materials
4. Macross 7 / Macross Plus Movie Program
5. This is Animation Series : Macross 7
6. & 7. Two Macross 7 Gift Booklets
8. Macross 7 Color Sketch Book B
9. This is Animation Series : Macross Plus (OVA Series)
10. This is Animation Series : Macross Plus (OVA Movie)
11. Offical Clue Series: Sony Playstation : Macross Plus

This should get me posting more, I haven't been able to find any good books online recently.


Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Space Wings

This is a great book, it covers space-based variants of the VF-1 Valkyrie including the GPB-1 Armor, some of the VF-1's transformation mechanics and many VF-1 FAST Packs and other externally mounted equipment. Most of the imagery is made up of 3d renders with some lineart and model photos mixed in.

Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Space Wings


Minor Technical Difficulties

I just found out that Torcache has gone down. I have no idea how long they'll be offline so I've packed all the torrent files so far into a .rar and uploaded it to MediaFire:

EDIT- Looks like they're back up now.


The Art of the Mass Effect Universe

This book covers all 3 Mass Effect games. There are some duplicate images from the other ME artbooks but I think the majority of them are new images. Lots of concept art, finalized images and renders.
This was a bit of a quick scan, there were reflection problems with some pages and the platen extension I made didn't clear it up as I'd hoped.

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe


Not Dead!

Sorry for the delay updating, work's been very tiring lately. I've gotten my (primary) scanner repaired and I should be starting my next scan later this week. I've also kind of run out of 'found' books, if you have anything that may fit in here email me, more books is always good.


1 Month with the new seedbox

Thank you, everyone who's donated to the site. There's enough to cover content hosting costs for the next couple months. 

We've now been running the new seedbox for just over a month and from my end it seems to be running fine. I wanted everyone's input on how it's running, is it running okay? Is the seedbox responsive with new releases?

Also, if you look in the lower left-hand corner of the posted image you'll see that the seedbox has transferred about 4.8 terabytes. Now I understand why previous hosts have had problems with this site before.


Mass Effect 3 - N7 Collectors Edition Game Guide

I've scanned the making of & behind the scenes from this book, a total of 33 pages.

Mass Effect 3 - N7 Collectors Edition Game Guide


Ghost in the Shell - Art Pack

This pack contains media from the various publications & adaptions of Ghost in the Shell (mainly Stand Alone Complex).

Ghost in the Shell - Art Pack

Mass Effect - Art Pack

This artpack contains a lot of stuff for the three Mass Effect games I've found at various sites.

Mass Effect - Art Pack

Xenosaga I - Post Card Book

This contains 30 different postcards showing various characters, mecha and scenes from the first Xenosaga game.

Xenosaga I - Post Card Book


Tales of Joker - Extra

This mostly covers the ToysPress displays from Wonderfest 2002, showing a number of scale resin models.

Tales of Joker - Extra - Wonderfest 2002

Macross Frontier - The False Songstress - BluRay Media

Here's the packaging, booklets and more from the False Songstress Hybrid Pack.

Macross Frontier - The False Songstress - BluRay Media


Macross - Do You Remember Love - Data Bank

This is a very impressive book. Just over 400 pages and it has color pages printed with such high quality the images are incredible. About half the book is still frames used as storyboards for the entire film, a quarter is dedicated to design art for the characters and mechanics and the last section is full of staff interviews. Here's MacrossWorld's description of the book.
Please note that this is a massive book. The finished scan ended up at ~1.7Gb.

Again, thanks to Boinger for providing the book, this is now the pride of all the scans I've done.

Macross - Do You Remember Love - Data Bank (aka The Gold Book)


Book Queue and more

I don't know what kind of order things will end up coming out in save for Boinger's books, I may put up another poll later on.

Now that things have calmed down here's the current book queue:

-Macross - Do You Remember Love - Data Bank (Gold Book) - Currently scanning, ~70% complete
-Macross - Do You Remember Love - Remastered Edition DVD Box (2 books)

Here's a list of the books I've got but haven't scanned yet:

-Art of the Mass Effect Universe, the (big book)
-Atlas of Pern, The (a few pages scanned, no outer cover)
-Cowboy Bebop - Knocking on Heaven's Door - Film Book
-Dragonlover's guide to Pern, The (no outer cover)
-Mass Effect 3 materials (collector's edition stuff, guide book)
-Tales of Joker - Extra (1999-2-3, reprint 2002-2-3)

-Variable Fighter Master File VF-25 Messiah
-Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Space Wings

And here's the books I plan on doing rescans of at some point:

-The Five Star Stories - Book I (US Volumes 1-3)
-Kazutaka Miyatake Design Works - Macross  & Orguss
-Neon Genesis Evangelion - Concept Design Works


Were back up to full power

After quite a while all of the books shown on the site are up and running again. Hopefully we won't have any more host drama.

Evangelion - Anima

This pack contains all of the magazine-released content for Eva - Anima up to session 2, chapter 28.
The .torrent contains each chapter separately if you only need to update what you have.

Evangelion - Anima

Here's a link to the .torrent for this book

A Couple new Ghibli Books

The Art of Tales from Earthsea

Understanding the Secrets of Takahata

Xenosaga Books

These aren't new, I just need to move them because of how I'm handling the books now.

I think this is a booklet that was included with the JP release of Xenosaga III
Xenosaga 3 Game Booklet

Xenosaga - Special Fanbook

Xenosaga II Weekly (Volumes 1-4)


Chocolate Gouache - Choco & Koichi Mugitani's Art Works Since 1997-2010 (COMPLETE)

This is a great artbook pack. It's got 2 books (color and monochrome), a DVD showing the entire process Choco goes through making a piece in Photoshop, a pack of 3 very well made prints and a nice slip cover for the books. Contained within the books is a huge amount of art covering a number of subjetcs (including art from Choco's website).
I rescanned much of this pack after finding a setting in my scanners software, it helped greatly with the gutter shadow (although there is still noticeable on some pages) and kept the colors vivid.

NOTE- This is a COMPLETE, HIGH-RES copy of both all the printed media and the content of the DVD. The total file size is around 6gb so take care of your bandwidth. Also, this is the first large torrent on the new server, if it gives you any troubles let me know.

Chocolate Gouache - Choco & Koichi Mugitani's Art Works Since 1997-2010 (Complete)

WARNING- This publication contains some nudity. 


Gundam MS Graphica

Contained in the MF link is a .torrent file for this book. Please let me know if this doesn't properly connect for you.

Gundam MS Graphica


(Another) New host incoming

EDIT - Here's a completed inventory of all the books that will be moved to the seedbox this week.

I've got an order in for a Seedbox which should be built and online on Monday. I'm getting all of my on-disk backups restructured for upload and hope to get EVERYTHING working again over the next couple weeks. I know many of you who left comments or took part in the recent poll didn't exactly favor Torrent but it's the only service that I can find that has offshore hosting, good storage and the bandwidth for something like this.

I'm planning on doing large torrents for most of the past postings (one for Macross, one for Gundam and so on) for the books I found online. For my own scans I'm trying to do some grouping but it'll be more broken up to individual books for many of them.

Oh, does anyone know a good tracker (or handful of them even) that I could go through?

Also, please be awesome and donate if you can.


Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Memorial DVD Box

This is a book that was included in a special edition of the SDF Macross DVDs. It's got episode summaries, interviews, information on some merchandise and a huge lineart section.

Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Memorial DVD Box


More hosting questions

Well, since seeing a few problems with using Mediafire to get the books out now I'm wondering if a Seedbox would be a better idea. I've also set up a Flattr account to accept donations (see the top of the right-hand column), with recent events at my work it's unlikely that I'll be able to pay for hosting for at least the next month.

I ask for input\suggestions, all this is well outside my experience.


This is Animation - Macross no. 2

This one's pretty much the same as volume 1, though it covers the second half of the series. This book is great, tons of lineart, dialouge scripts and storyboards. Here's a link to MacrossWorld's description.
Once again, thanks to Boinger for allowing me to scan his books.

This is Animation - Macross no. 2



Scanner Woes

Alright, I've started the scan of 'This is Animation - Macross no. 2' but I've been having a hell of a time trying to get it done. The loaner scanner I got is an HP Scanjet 8300 and the full driver/program is one of the most useless programs I've used in a while. I hope I can get this one done around Friday next week if I can keep the scanner from crashing every 4 pages.
My main scanner's power board is toast. There's a chance I can get a replacement part but it may be quite a while.

Sorry about the lack of other updates as well, I'll try to get a couple books I found up tomorrow.


Scanner troubles

-Edit: I've gotten a loaner scanner from a friend and will start work on the book again tomorrow.

I was going to start the scan of another of Boinger's books today but I couldn't get my scanner to power on. After fiddling with it I think the problem is that the scanner's power supply fuse was blown. HOPEFULLY I can get a replacement fuse at work tomorrow and can get started on the scan soon.

I really hope this scanner isn't dead, it's such a nice one...


Early results from the new host

Welp, we've managed to TEAR through the 50gb of 'bandwidth' that Mediafire sets for the account each month in the space of 4 days. I'm quite impressed by that (and know why the last host threw a fit). I don't think it really has any impact other than the people trying to download being sent to MF's page first (so some people will get quicker downloads for a couple days when the account renews each month). If anyone has problems with it please email me.

I have no idea if this kind of traffic will cause issues with the account, if anyone knows of problems with Mediafire please let me know.

I've been slowly replacing links and am up to mid September of last year, it may take me a while.

NOTE- if I start getting charged extra for this kind of use I may have to dump the account until we figure out donations.
Speaking of which, anyone have any input on donations?