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Dominion Tank Police - Dominion Club

Dominion Tank Police - Dominion Club


Yg said...

cool stuff by the creator of Ghost in the Shell. But too few pages...


Unknown said...

Eager to check this thing! I dig old Shirow when he still did all the pencil and ink and watercolors.

ZenTattooist said...

Love it!
Ive just manage to track one down and order it from Japan.

Just gotta wait for it to arrive now! LOL

Orion545 said...

Hello! As always another beautiful pearl!! However unfortunately the file not seem to be accessible; to me, display "always" this message : " This file is temporarily unavailable because there are no resources available under the owner’s account. " From what this could be caused ? Are many days that I try but without success.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have the exact same problem as Orion545. Do you know what is the issue and how i can fix it?