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Get torrents here until further notice:
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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


Book Queue and more

I don't know what kind of order things will end up coming out in save for Boinger's books, I may put up another poll later on.

Now that things have calmed down here's the current book queue:

-Macross - Do You Remember Love - Data Bank (Gold Book) - Currently scanning, ~70% complete
-Macross - Do You Remember Love - Remastered Edition DVD Box (2 books)

Here's a list of the books I've got but haven't scanned yet:

-Art of the Mass Effect Universe, the (big book)
-Atlas of Pern, The (a few pages scanned, no outer cover)
-Cowboy Bebop - Knocking on Heaven's Door - Film Book
-Dragonlover's guide to Pern, The (no outer cover)
-Mass Effect 3 materials (collector's edition stuff, guide book)
-Tales of Joker - Extra (1999-2-3, reprint 2002-2-3)

-Variable Fighter Master File VF-25 Messiah
-Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Space Wings

And here's the books I plan on doing rescans of at some point:

-The Five Star Stories - Book I (US Volumes 1-3)
-Kazutaka Miyatake Design Works - Macross  & Orguss
-Neon Genesis Evangelion - Concept Design Works


Were back up to full power

After quite a while all of the books shown on the site are up and running again. Hopefully we won't have any more host drama.

Evangelion - Anima

This pack contains all of the magazine-released content for Eva - Anima up to session 2, chapter 28.
The .torrent contains each chapter separately if you only need to update what you have.

Evangelion - Anima

Here's a link to the .torrent for this book

A Couple new Ghibli Books

The Art of Tales from Earthsea

Understanding the Secrets of Takahata

Xenosaga Books

These aren't new, I just need to move them because of how I'm handling the books now.

I think this is a booklet that was included with the JP release of Xenosaga III
Xenosaga 3 Game Booklet

Xenosaga - Special Fanbook

Xenosaga II Weekly (Volumes 1-4)


Chocolate Gouache - Choco & Koichi Mugitani's Art Works Since 1997-2010 (COMPLETE)

This is a great artbook pack. It's got 2 books (color and monochrome), a DVD showing the entire process Choco goes through making a piece in Photoshop, a pack of 3 very well made prints and a nice slip cover for the books. Contained within the books is a huge amount of art covering a number of subjetcs (including art from Choco's website).
I rescanned much of this pack after finding a setting in my scanners software, it helped greatly with the gutter shadow (although there is still noticeable on some pages) and kept the colors vivid.

NOTE- This is a COMPLETE, HIGH-RES copy of both all the printed media and the content of the DVD. The total file size is around 6gb so take care of your bandwidth. Also, this is the first large torrent on the new server, if it gives you any troubles let me know.

Chocolate Gouache - Choco & Koichi Mugitani's Art Works Since 1997-2010 (Complete)

WARNING- This publication contains some nudity. 


Gundam MS Graphica

Contained in the MF link is a .torrent file for this book. Please let me know if this doesn't properly connect for you.

Gundam MS Graphica


(Another) New host incoming

EDIT - Here's a completed inventory of all the books that will be moved to the seedbox this week.

I've got an order in for a Seedbox which should be built and online on Monday. I'm getting all of my on-disk backups restructured for upload and hope to get EVERYTHING working again over the next couple weeks. I know many of you who left comments or took part in the recent poll didn't exactly favor Torrent but it's the only service that I can find that has offshore hosting, good storage and the bandwidth for something like this.

I'm planning on doing large torrents for most of the past postings (one for Macross, one for Gundam and so on) for the books I found online. For my own scans I'm trying to do some grouping but it'll be more broken up to individual books for many of them.

Oh, does anyone know a good tracker (or handful of them even) that I could go through?

Also, please be awesome and donate if you can.


Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Memorial DVD Box

This is a book that was included in a special edition of the SDF Macross DVDs. It's got episode summaries, interviews, information on some merchandise and a huge lineart section.

Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Memorial DVD Box


More hosting questions

Well, since seeing a few problems with using Mediafire to get the books out now I'm wondering if a Seedbox would be a better idea. I've also set up a Flattr account to accept donations (see the top of the right-hand column), with recent events at my work it's unlikely that I'll be able to pay for hosting for at least the next month.

I ask for input\suggestions, all this is well outside my experience.


This is Animation - Macross no. 2

This one's pretty much the same as volume 1, though it covers the second half of the series. This book is great, tons of lineart, dialouge scripts and storyboards. Here's a link to MacrossWorld's description.
Once again, thanks to Boinger for allowing me to scan his books.

This is Animation - Macross no. 2



Scanner Woes

Alright, I've started the scan of 'This is Animation - Macross no. 2' but I've been having a hell of a time trying to get it done. The loaner scanner I got is an HP Scanjet 8300 and the full driver/program is one of the most useless programs I've used in a while. I hope I can get this one done around Friday next week if I can keep the scanner from crashing every 4 pages.
My main scanner's power board is toast. There's a chance I can get a replacement part but it may be quite a while.

Sorry about the lack of other updates as well, I'll try to get a couple books I found up tomorrow.


Scanner troubles

-Edit: I've gotten a loaner scanner from a friend and will start work on the book again tomorrow.

I was going to start the scan of another of Boinger's books today but I couldn't get my scanner to power on. After fiddling with it I think the problem is that the scanner's power supply fuse was blown. HOPEFULLY I can get a replacement fuse at work tomorrow and can get started on the scan soon.

I really hope this scanner isn't dead, it's such a nice one...