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Got a call today, a job offer. It seems I'll likely be starting next week. Changing fields too so this should be interesting...


Jin-Roh - Screenboard Book

This is a storyboard book, I figure it covers the movie.

Jin-Roh - Screenboard Book


Notice of, well...

So, as much as I hate to say, I've lost my current job. Now, I don't think that it'll impact the site much but I have to ask for donations. There is currently about $9.50 in the PayPal account that I use for the server costs. Now, as I said I'm not too worried as the server just costs $16 a month but every little help will be very much appreciated.

I thank every one of you for you attention.

EDIT- Wow, already gotten enough for four months of operations! I really, really appreciate the help and I'll try to find some way to pay everyone back in the future!