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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


Post-Chaos Status Update

After a long (but wonderful) 8 months things are finally back to normal. Being laid off, getting a new job, moving to a different city in another state (not more than 30 miles though) and finishing a massive project last week means that things are finally back to normal!

The current book queue is as follows:

The Art of Borderlands 2 (as well as some bonus stuff)
Zone of the Enders - HD Edition - The Complete Guide + Model Sheets
Awakening: The Art of Halo 4
Anything that Boinger sends me

I also have a number of other books that I may do, Pern, a couple Ghibli books and more. If it comes to that point I'll do another vote for the queue. I've also got a handful of found books that I've been saving that I'll start to post once in a while so things should pick up a bit.

Sorry again for the slow period.


This Is Animation - Macross 7 - Animation Materials

 Sorry for the long delay between scans.
This is an amazing book for Macross 7, it covers nearly all of the designs put into the series and has a good number of color character artworks. It's also a big one, 200 pages and it ended up being about 500mb.

This Is Animation - Macross 7 - Animation Materials