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Happy new year!

Happy holidays and happy new years everyone!

I'm working on reorganizing the torrents (going from 86 to 34 active torrents) and should get the new set up and running this coming week. I've also got quite a queue to scan, so expect regular updates.

This has been an unusually chaotic year but the site's still running strong. Finally moving to my own server has really helped with that, no more worries about losing the hosting and such.

Macross Chronicle (2013 Run) - Volumes 3 to 6

Macross Chronicle (2013 Run) - Volumes 3 to 6


Macross - Do You Remember Love? - Movie Program

Here's the first of Boinger's books. A wonderful program for a wonderful movie. 26 pages, a4 size and all color.

Macross - Do You Remember Love? - Movie Program


Status Update

Hello everyone!

I've gotten another wonderful batch of books from Boinger! This batch contains:

Macross: Do You Remember Love - Special Preview (
This Is Animation - Macross: Do You Remember Love (
Macross: Do You Remember Love - Movie Program (
Macross: Do You Remember Love - Illustration Book (
Best Hit Series: Macross Flashback 2012 (
Best Hit Series: Macross Grafitti (
This Is Animation - Macross 7 Dynamite Materials (
Art Works of Macross Valkyries Tenjin Hidetaka (
Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie

I've also been given a copy of  'The Art of District 9: Weta Workshop'

This, in no particular order, is the current queue, 'Awakening: The Art of Halo 4' is being put on hold. . I'm going to try and get one, maybe two books scanned and hosted before the start of the new year.

I'll continue to post other net-found books even if I don't get stuff scanned so don't worry about this place not getting updated.

Talk to you later!

Schell Bullet

This is a set of two novels with art pages by Mamoru Nagano. I've only scanned the art pages and covers, if anyone wants the full text let me know. The novels are over 200 pages each (though there's only ~30 scanned pages from each) and they're easily the smallest Japanese books I own, something like 10x6cm.

Schell Bullet


Macrosshare 2014 Picture Collection

This is an art pack created by Boinger. It's 8.35gb in size. I've compressed each internal directory, if you only want to download certain parts of the pack.

Macrosshare 2014 Picture Collection


The Five Star Stories - 2013 Run (05-12)

This is everything I've been able to find for the 2013 run of The Five Star Stories. It covers May through December. If anyone knows if they ran issues of Newtype with FSS earlier in the year please let me know.

The Five Star Stories - 2013 Run (05-12)
Edit- goddamn, it's been over a year and a half since I've posted FSS stuff...