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F.S.S. Designs 4 - Mamoru Nagano Art Work and Design Work - F.S.S. Characters XIII

Designs 4 is a big book, A3 in page size and well over 100 pages. It's kind of a mix of the first three Designs books and Nagano's earlier artbooks (Smoke Walls, Plastic Style and others were A3).
This book covers reworked art and characters from The Five Star Stories and some Gothicmade content.

F.S.S. Designs 4 - Mamoru Nagano Art Work and Design Work - F.S.S. Characters XIII


New book, new plans

Hello all!

I got back from out of town yesterday, managed to pick up a copy of F.S.S. Designs 4 while I was in Seattle. I'm going to start a scan of one of Boinger's books this week and I'll likely do Designs 4 after that. I'll probably finish off Boinger's batch and then do the District 9 book once those are done.

The new servers been working great. I've been taking it offline for chunks of time so I can work on training myself on the ESX host that the torrent servers running inside of. Don't be too alarmed if it's offline, it'll come back up before too long.

I'll be back soon with another book.


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