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~1,300 individual volumes, ~80,000 images, 8 years


Misc Book Pack - 07-21-2015

Dancouga Nova - Agressive Material Side A

Dancouga Nova - Agressive Material Side B

Entertainment Archives Series 4 - Layzner SPT

Gigantic Formula - Original Design Archives

Great Mechanics G - Summer 2015

Master File Metal Armor - Dragonar

Robot Soul - Natural Born Robot Master

R-TYPE Official Data Book - DRAGONFLY

Yanase Takayuki - Mechanical Design Works

Misc Book Pack - 07-21-2015


Do you guys hear a clicking sound?

My server's storage array had a drive die. Luckilly I built it as RAID 5 so I'm re-consolidating the data and moving the drives to a newer PERC 6 controller. I'll be posting some new torrents this weekend.


Macross Book Dump 7-4-2015

Macross 30th Anniversary NA Special Appendix - Document of Macross 1 through 6

Macross - My Fair Minmay

Macross The Beginning

Mikimoto Haruhiko - Michinokugashiuybu

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross - Magazine for Anime and Hobby Fan - Vol. 1 through 7

This is Animation - Super Dimentional Fortress Macross - Original Illustration - Mechanical

This batch was kindly provided by Phill C, all thanks to him!

Macross Book Dump 7-4-2015