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Tasks still in queue:
Rebuild all posts with new repository addresses

Books still in queue:

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Episode 1&2 Materials Collection [scan 40% complete]
25th Anniversary - Phantasy Star Visual Collection
Variable Fighter Master File - VF-0 Phoenix
Analoghack - open-resource project [redjuice]
Redbox - redjuice artbook 2007-2013 works

New books!:

15th Anniversary Phantasy Star Online Visual Chronicles 
Basic Art of The Five Star Stories - Dragon Klien
Five Star Stories - Volume 11 (JP)
Five Star Stories - Volume 12 (JP)
Five Star Stories - Volume 13 (JP)
Knight Flags
Mamoru Mania 2001 Calendar (already scanned online, poorly)
This is Animation - Macross Plus (already scanned by archive-scans)
Turn A Gundam - The Memory of the Second Wind - Art Book Vol.2 (already scanned online)
Twin Tower
Valkyries - The Third Sortie
Variable Fighter Master File - VF-22 Sturmvogel


'A Distant Weebing in the Night''

Hello everyone!

Getting ready for my trip back home right now. Had a wonderful time in Japan, found a load of cool books (FSS mainly) and happened to find a PSO2 cafe! I'll have a load of work to do on the site till the end of the year.

Just remember, even if it's slow I have NO intention of closing the site.

See you soon!